GIBO Click

Our payment system combines traditional payment with a decentralized future model, allowing users and merchants to have more confidence and peace of mind in using the online system.

Our payment uses user digital identity, smart contracts, blockchain, and existing legal payment and deposit payment docking, so that users can use it with peace of mind and ensure the stability and security of use.

Digital Identity

The user creates an engraved digital human in our system, and the system will authenticate the user.

Payment Binding

After the user is verified, the payment and deposit token can be bound with blockchain technology.

Smart Contracts

The platform helps sellers create payment smart contracts and bind legal payees after payment.

Smart Payments

After the transaction is completed, the payment system confirms that the transaction is successful, and immediately makes a smart contract payment arrangement related to the transaction to hand over the money involved to the beneficiary of the transaction.


Beneficiaries can transfer their earned funds to their legal accounts at any time through the platform and smart contracts.

GIBO CLICK’s Features

Accept Legal Coins and E-wallets Worldwide

Transfer funds to a legitimate account according to the deposit method recognized by the country of the withdrawer. Easily adapt to the client’s withdrawals.

Secure Payments

Verified digital people and user-bound payment methods allow buyers to pay with confidence.

Easy Withdrawals

One-click withdrawal, according to the settings of the withdrawer, so that the drawer can easily withdraw and transfer the money to the legal account of the wither in the shortest time.

Digital Human Authentication

All digital people involved in payments and withdrawals must be legally authenticated before they can start trading.

Reduce Fraud

Powerful AI learning models use industry data to detect and stop fraud, increasing user confidence in payments and reducing concerns about bad actors.

Efficiency, Security & User Friendliness

GIBO.AI incorporates our proprietary AI technology into our digital payment processes.

Fraud Detection

AI algorithms are used to analyze Dayi data in real time to detect abnormal or suspicious behavior patterns. This identifies and prevents fraudulent transactions, reducing the risk of financial loss for consumers and businesses.

Risk Control

AI analyzes personal and business credit histories, transaction behavior, and evaluates credit worthiness to make smarter payment and deposit processing decisions.


AI personalizes the payment experience by analyzing user preferences and behavior. For example, it can recommend payment methods, provide personalized offers during the payment process, and suggest relevant products or services during the payment process.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistant

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants process customer queries through natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, provide support, and facilitate payment-related tasks. They assist users in making payments, checking balances, and resolving payment issues.